What makes a good press pot?

Here are some of the qualities that you need to look for when buying the press pot.

Must be made of a glass that does not break and can keep the coffee as warm as possible.

This one is obvious but important. The best press pots have a glass casing that allows heat to be retained inside the press pot. If the press pot is not made out of glass, and instead is made out of a plastic, then that means that the press pot is not a very good insulator.

Glass has to be used because it is the best insulator for retaining heat.

The general rule here is that the cheaper the press pot you buy, the greater the chance of the glass breaking because the glass is not of a high enough quality compared to other press pots.

This is the opposite for more premium press pots because not only is the glass is of a strong quality, it insulates the heat inside the press pot better than a cheap press pot.

Typically, press pots use glass such as borosilicate glass. This glass is found in many premium press pots and is well regarded for its insulation and tensile strength properties.

222jhg Has great coffee filtration

If you are going to buy yourself a press pot, at least buy a press pot which can plunge and filtrate the coffee that you are brewing. You want to buy a press pot with a screen that can filtrate the coffee’s minuscule particles.

Along with that, you have to also have a good plunger as well. It is frustrating when you can make good coffee with a press pot, but you cannot use the plunger because it broke. That is why you need to invest in a press pot that has a good as a plunger as well as a great coffee filtration screen.

 Can be cleaned very easily

This is another aspect that must be taken seriously. Being able to clean one’s press pot is important because deep inside the press pot; there are multiple moving parts such as the plunger and the filter screen.

333juyIf those two parts cannot be cleaned properly; then you will not be able to make good coffee in the future because you will have a filter screen and a plunger that cannot do their job as specified.

Now that you have the knowledge you need, you can now go buy your press pot.