General Information On Coleman Spas

You just arrived home from a miserable day at work. You arrived late in the morning, missed your lunch break, and even forgot to meet a very important deadline. But not worry, you’re the boss, and there is always tomorrow. Now, at the end of the day comes the moment you have been dreaming about all day, to go home and to relax in your Coleman Hot Tubs.

General information

The Coleman brand

kkmmbbvvxzColeman is not just any brand of spa that is on the market. They have over a century of experience in all types of products but hit the mark with their spa line. When first shopping around for spas, you remember so well the many brands and types of spas on the showroom floor. That spa salesman tried to sell you that expensive no name brand, but lucky for you the Coleman brand stood out above all the rest.

Product line features

Coleman has put a lot of thought into their product line. There are so many styles and features to choose. Sure, glad that you added the iSound iPod Dock and FM receiver. I never thought I would get such quality sound that even includes a convenient floating hand-held remote. The energy-saving led lighting system creates an array of colors for relaxing evenings as does the ComfortLuxe Pillows built into the seating for the most relaxing and restful spa experience. With the multi-directional jet control valves, I can direct the flow of water to different areas of by body (especially when those lower back pains act up).

Construction that’s built to last

As if all the product line features weren’t enough, Coleman Spas tubs are built to last. With a multi-layer (7 to be exact) laminate system layered over steel and wood construction, I know my hot tub will last for a lifetime of pleasurable spa experiences.

Coleman put a lot of thought into their spa systems. The virtually maintenance-free Pure Flow Filtration System keeps the spa water sparkling clear. The reusable filters provide for easy periodic cleaning and the Microban inhibitors help to prevent bacterial growth.

With the Coleman easy-to-use SmartPak advanced technology electronic Control Center maintaining your spa water to exacting temperatures is quite simple.

Coleman stands behind their product line

hghghghghghgBest of all is that Coleman Spas meet and exceed many of the industry’s standards for spa compliance. Coleman stands by its products and guarantees the longevity of their spas. As an eco-friendly company, Coleman strongly believes in the preservation of the environment as their spa line features “green spas” which make them more energy efficient (as well as less costly to operate).